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With SEO, search engines all keep their algorithms guarded like the formula to Coke. There is no one way to get the #1 result or everyone would be there. We can make no guarantee that your website will get more traffic or be on the front page of search results. However, we will help to ensure that your website is as search engine friendly as possible (given its current design).

Search engines reward sites that have been around for the longest period of time. Therefore, it usually takes time to climb the ranks of search engine results. Although we cannot guarantee specific results, there are many important factors in building and maintaining your search engine performance. Here are the services we offer:

Initial SEO Review and Updates - One-time

  • Complete site review and on-page SEO updates:
  • Site submission (or resubmission) to all major search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo)
  • Set up Google analytics for ongoing SEO evaluation
  • Posting on 2-3 appropriate external websites with backlinking to website
  • Plus, some proprietary “SEO Ninja” stuff (all “white hat”)

Ongoing SEO Maintenance/Improvement - Monthly (No contract / cancel anytime)

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